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Beyond Places

Because at Will Travel we believe travel is not just about "Been there, done that".

It goes Beyond Places to the experiences and people that we remember long after the t-shirt has faded.


In order to give back to the community and the world that has given us so much we have created Beyond Places. This is where we at Will Travel participate in charities, set up donations and more.

Recently we donated food goods to the victims of Hurricane Irene in Vermont. We also donated travel size toiletries to the Gift of Life Family House in Philadelphia. See below for more opportunities to donate travel size items.

We also are creating tours that will take you to see the world but not in the usual cookie cutter, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt way. We will take you to see the world but not stop there, you will meet the people, visit their home or business, taste the local food or drink, experience an artist. All the things that we find are our favorite memories when we return from a trip. Stay tuned for more information on Beyond Places Tours from Will Travel.

Travel Size Toiletry Donations!

Currently we are collecting travel size (or larger) toiletries to donate to chartiable organization in or community. Including shampoo, conditioners, lotions, soaps, hand sanitizer, etc.

We are proud that our last donation went to the Gift of Life House Famiy House in Philadelphia. We distribute the goods based on needs from different organizaitons including women's shelters, food banks, churches, etc.  

If you have know of an organization that is in need of travel size toiletries please let us know!

If you have any toiletries to donate please stop by our Langhorne office. You can mail them to us or if you are within a reasonable distance we would be glad to pick them up.

Call us for more info- 215-741-5150 or email

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Thank you for your support!